Christine Caron


Photography has been my passion since I was a teenager. I began in a darkroom discovering development techniques and prints well before exploring the art of shooting.

Following a two year trip on the African continent, I started working in the marketing and digital communication departments for two international companies, firstly a Parisian then Swiss company.

During this time, photography remained close to my heart and from 2012, I finally began working as an independent photographer for companies, individuals, artists and for a Swiss magazine called Cominmag.

I photograph corporate portraits, conferences and events, advertising, architecture and interior design, I also do illustration reports of websites.
For Cominmag magazine, I’m responsible for the cover photo and the portrait for the main interview in each edition.

My personal works are portraits of people, whom I met by chance and who inspired me to explore the many facets in front of my camera. I also try to share the serenity of the landscapes in the places that have moved me.

My love of software has rapidly pushed me towards numeric photography and videoing for both for my work with publications and for companies. I also work with film using a Hasselblad and a Polaroid for more personal explorations.
I am available for projects in Switzerland, Europe and other continents. I have put together a network of photographers that I trust and with whom I work with for special projects such as aerial or underwater photography etc… just ask me.

I was born in 1971, I grew up in Lille, France. I currently live and work in Oron la Ville, Vaud, in Switzerland.
I speak English, French, Spanish and Italian.

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